UtilityBot is an advanced, multipurpose discord bot created with the goal of making running a server easy.

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UtilityBot's advanced moderation capabilities make it easy to enforce rules and deal out punishments. Featuring a point-based warning system and customizable auto-mod, it could never be easier to keep your server safe.

Global Economy

Immerse yourself into UtilityBot's Global Economy. Use your credits are server shops, or purchase from the global store.


Boost your server with advanced leveling capabilities like role ranks. Users can gain xp, collect badges, and more!


UtilityBot features many fun and in-depth mini-games, and fully and seamlessly sync with our global economy. Battle monsters, organize heists, visit Vegas, and more!


Step up your server's abilities with an advanced array of utility tools. Featuring an advanced ticketing system, suggestions, giveaways, and more.

Role Management

Make assigning roles easy with UtilityBot's Role Management. UtilityBot comes with a plethora of role management commands, as well as an advanced Reaction Role and Auto-role system.


UtilityBot music feature delivers high quality music from multiple sources, with no bot or music lag.

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